What are Worm Castings?

Worm casting, vermicastings or worm poop are an excellent natural, long lasting soil amendment. They are rich in humus and contain diverse microbiological colonies that fight soil born diseases and repel harmful insects.  

Worm castings are water soluble.  This allows plants to quickly and easily absorb essential micro and macro nutrients and trace minerals.  Each individual casting is coated with the worms digestive track secretion allowing the nutrients to be time released into the soil.  One application of worms castings can easily impart it’s benefits to the plant for a year or more and even if you add too much, they will never harm or burn even the most delicate of plants.

Laboratory analysis of earthworms castings indicate high levels of iron, sulfur, calcium, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium with a typical NPK rating of 5-5-3.  They are much richer in nutrients than normal compost and will not pollute the waterways like synthetic “one shot miracle wonder” fertilizers that actually destroy the soil’s microbial life.  

Over 40 years of extensive testing by Ohio State, Cornell, UC Davis and the Australian SIRO have proved time and time again the value of worm castings.  The published reports discuss benefits like improved flower size, bloom quantity, quality and color. Fruit and vegetable tests have resulted in a 200% improvement in yield as well as improvements in taste and appearance.

The castings can be used to make a compost tea or a worm extract that are easily and immediately absorbed by the plant leaves, roots and even the bark without burning the plant…  giving you more bang for your buck.