Garbology Homework

Garbology Homework Assignments

  • Visit a refill store: Fill Up Buttercup, EcoNow, BYO Long Beach, Glacier water refill station, etc.
    1. Bring glass/refill jars
    2. Buy a product that normally requires single use plastic
    3. Extra credit: buy something for a friend or bring a friend
  • See how many times you can reuse:
    1. Paper bags
    2. Ziplock bags
  • Spot clean clothes instead of washing
    1. Saves money/ clothes
    2. Gerald Bush does this 
  • Drip dry clothes instead of using dryer
    1. John Lanzon does this
  • Pick up a banana peel 🍌 from the street and compost it
  • Pick your nose instead of using tissue
    1. John Craig does this 
  • Use washcloth to wipe your butt 
  • Buy recycled toilet paper
  • Grow your own toilet paper 
  • Make or buy used—-holiday presents
  • Sew holes in underwear and other clothes
  • Forage food in a park or forest 
  • Refuse to use – Amazon
  • Refuse to use – Plastic utensils 🍴 
  • Plant a garden – grow your own fruits, vegetables and herbs
  • Make your own soil amendments: compost, vermicompost, bokashi,…
  • Give old, stained clothes new life by reverse tie dye
  • Make your own toothpaste
  • Make your own sunscreen 
  • Make your own makeup 
  • Buy and donate used books (from Arvida Book Co.)
  • Save your trash for a week and examine it. Which of the items can you repurpose, refuse, recycle? Which of the items can you swap out for something less trashy?
  • Call your local grocery store and tell them you would like to see options without plastic packaging as well as more bulk bins.