The Composting Symbol

Our ongoing campaign for a universal composting symbol…

universal composting symbol

We used the #recycling symbol as a template for two reasons.  One, #motherNature was, and is, the original recycler; and she does it by #composting. Two, the recycling symbol was created by using a Möbius strip. It is a simple and ingenious design where every part is utilized, just like in nature.


We colored the  arrows blue, brown and green and changed the green arrow to a green leaf. These colors symbolize the four elements needed to make good compost.


There are only four.

  1. #Air – blue
  2. #Water – blue
  3. #Carbon or “brown” material – brown
  4. #Nitrogen or “green” material – green


Combine these four elements and the naturally occurring #microbes will break down the food and organic waste and produce an excellent soil amendment called compost. It is a complex physical, chemical and biological process that is actually quite simple and fun to do. 


Composting is one area that you can not fail. Might not be perfect, …but it doesn’t have to be.


Please feel free to use this symbol to promote composting. When we compost, we:

  • #buildOurSoil (with microbes, organic matter and nutrients)
  • reduce #erosion
  • increase #plantHealth,
  • increase the plant’s #nutritional value,
  • increase #humanHealth,
  • save #water,
  • reduce #methane emissions at our #landfills,
  • #captureCarbon and
  • fight #climateChange.

Thank you!