Community Events

We host events for community members to learn more about composting and the wonderful world of worms. 

They are great opportunities for people of all ages to learn how to compost at home or support composting in their community.


Volunteer With Us

We are a small team that relies on our incredible volunteers! There are so many ways to get involved. Please fill out a volunteer application and attend orientation, and then you can get started!

Community Fairs

We host booths at local fairs across Southern California where we teach the community about the importance of worms to plant life! We do our Worm Bin ‘make and take’ demo so people can practice the art of vermicomposting first-hand. Please email us to schedule. .

Make & Take Worm Bin

weCompost2 specializes in teaching people of all ages how to compost with worms. This is a 30+ minute hands-on multi-sensory program where participants learn how to care for them while composting food scraps. We host this event every second Saturday of the month from 8:00am to 9:00am.
If you would like to invite us to your location or event, please fill in the contact form with your name and phone number, the name of your organization, the number of participants, and your preferred dates and times. Recommended donation starts at $300.

Private Groups

We would love to host an event for your group at the farm! We have experience working with scout groups, student groups and field trips. We can tailor the content based on what your group is interested in. Please email us with your name and phone number, the name of your organization, the number of students who will be participating, and your preferred dates/time. We look forward to hosting you!

Why weCompost2?

Kids and grownups alike love our community events! We facilitate fun, hands-on, interactive activities that teach participants an easy way to fight the effects of climate change. Composting is also a great way to learn about science, the environment, and community farms.